This third term we are looking at the book Wooing of Beppo Tate and in it we meet various characters and themes. Let us take some time here to understand and discuss these charatcers.
Here is another simple assignment for discussion!!!
Choose ONE of the following topics to write about.
1) Write 4 - 5 sentences describing Teppy's character.
2) Write 4 -5 sentences comparing how Beppo and Roy were adopted.

ONE submission from each student.

Jean-marc nunes
5/17/2012 04:28:11 am

Teppy's character is one which requiers alot of thought. In the beginning he seems to be an entertaining friend and is even refered to as a lovable rascal. As the story goes on Teppy's character begins to drift. As time goes on Teppy starts to blackmail Beppo. We now see Teppy's true decietful character.

Michael Tai
5/17/2012 06:05:55 am

Roy's adoption is much swifter and harsher than Beppo's. Beppo's father had met Mr. Tate in a cricket match and Mr.Tate had asked him if he knew of anyone who wants to give away a boy while Roy's mother wanted to sell some goods in the market and donate Roy so she met Mrs. Jenkins. Roy had to live like a slave with Mrs. Jenkins while Beppo was living a good life. Beppo gets to eat rich food but Roy mostly eats corned pork and tripes. Roy always wets his pants when he is in trouble and doesn't stands up for himself but Beppo always stands up for himself and uses his brain to get out of tight spots like his fight with George Kirby or Teppy when he was going to trash him, he also doesn't wets his pants.

Dylon Davis
5/17/2012 06:08:53 am

Teppy's character is very hard to imagine because a character like him tends to always be changing. In the beginning, Beppo thought he was a good friend of is Mr. Tate and that he could become friends with him to. But all that changed later when Teppy started blackmailing Beppo. This is Teppy's true character

John Lucas
5/17/2012 06:25:33 am

I descride Teppy's character as unkind,evil,selfish and greedy.Beppo thought at first that Teppy was a good friend of Mr Tate .Then he finds out that Teppy is a bad person.Beppo gets blackmailed by Teppy and in my opinion that is not a friend that someone should keep.Teppy has a vey bad character.

Jafar Howe
5/17/2012 07:15:03 am

Although both Beppo and Roy was adopted, their adoptions happened under different circumstances. Beppo's biological father met Mr. Tate at a cricket match and after a friendly conversation let Mr. Tate take home one of his sons. Unlike Beppo,s father, Roy's mother was intentionally looking for someone to donate her child to.She found Mrs. Jenkins and gave her son away imediately.

5/17/2012 07:36:38 am

Teppy's character is a round character. Meaning that at first when Beppo met him, he seemed to be very kind and humorous but further down in the story Beppo realizes what kind of person he really is, nasty and deceitful. Teppy is a very proud person. Meaning he does not like when people insult him. In the end it all adds up to the question how old man tate could have a friend like that?

Marc McVorran
5/17/2012 07:50:07 am

At first Teppy's character was kind and considerate towards Beppo, but later on he turns out to be cruel, selfish and arrogant. In the first few chapters he was a friend of Mr. Tate but later on he deceives Beppo and blackmails him. Teppy then forces Beppo to bring him fish and birds every-week, the true colors of Teppy. To me, Teppy is a very wicked person.

5/17/2012 08:09:20 am

Roy and Beppo were both adopted but for different reasons.Mr. Tate was at a cricket match where he met beppo's real father. He was looking for a son to adopt and to bring into his household. Roy on the other hand was given away by his mother as she was probably having trouble supporting everyone in her family.

5/17/2012 08:31:52 am

Roy, at first, appeared to be a good friend to Beppo, but Roy's looks deceived Beppo. Roy was very mischievous and sly and tried to get Beppo in trouble. There was one thing that they had in common, they were both adopted. They were adopted under different situations. Beppo had a perfect father, but Roy wasn't as lucky as Beppo, Roy's mother was a little strict. From their both personalities you can see that they came from two different lifestyles and environments.

Joshua Wong
5/17/2012 08:43:48 am

Teppy met Beppo on Beppo's first breakfast with Mr.Tate on Sunday morning.At first Beppo thought that Teppy was a good person,Mr.Tate warned him that Teppy was not the best of friends.Later in the book Beppo was eager to find out more about the Belmonts so he turned to Teppy,he accidentaly revealed his interest in Daphne Belmont.Teppy threatened to tell Mr.Tate but asked Beppo for two fishes and two birds each week. Teppy had started to blackmail Beppo.Teppy was not the lovable rascal he seemed to be.

Carlos cRoNbErGeR!!!!!
5/17/2012 10:07:12 am

At first in the beginning of the story Beppo thought that Teppy seemed to be a very nice and jolly person because he was Mr.Tate's friend.But soon later on in the story Teppy started to blackmail Beppo.We can now see that Teppy is a evil,selfish and greedy person. Teppy is not the best friend to have.Now we can see Teppy's real character!

B'Jon Shallowe
5/17/2012 10:55:22 am

Teppy is the kind of person you don't judge on the first encounter.At first he seemed to be a loveable rascal but as Beppo gets to know him better,he realizes that Teppy is mischievous and likes to black-mail people if he doesn't get his way.Beppo acknowledges the fact that Teppy is more of a thief than a friend.Teppy was not the smartest of all people and he was very unkempt with himself and his home.He is gullible,deceitful and greedy.I don't agree with his ruinous ways of treating people

Joshua John
5/18/2012 02:21:27 am

Roy and Beppo are both adopted children. Roy has a much more harder life, he had to eat pig guts which is called tripe. While Beppo eats the most wonderful things to eat such as fish ,breadfruit and ackee. That is why Roy built a hut in the forest, so he could cook there. Beppo has a better life now because of the Old Man Tate taking him in, he has everything he needs. Roy has a difficult life to Beppo.

Christian-Lee Rocke
5/18/2012 05:26:50 am

Teppy started off as Mr.Tates friend and Beppo tought he was a lovable rascal. When Beppo was caught having an interest in Daphine Teppy black-mailed him and he now had to bring two fish and two birds every week to Teppy.With roys help beppo was able to pay the deceitful and greedy Teppy his birds and fish.Teppy is a selfish and wicked human being and bad company to keep.I think the fact that the tables turned on Teppy because of Daphines help (instead of Beppo bring two fish and two birds Teppy must now bring twelve mangoes) to be justice for his sinister ways.

Jared Whiteman
5/18/2012 05:47:25 am

At first Teppy was very kind towards Beppo and beppo liked him.After a while Beppo finds out Teppy's true character.Teppy is a horrible,nasty person who blackmails beppo into doing whatever he wants.Teppy tells Beppo to bring him fish and birds once a week.

Jerron Christom
5/18/2012 06:39:17 am

As we read the Wooing of Beppo Tate we find out that there were two boys that were both adopted, Roy and Beppo.however, their adoption were different. Beppo's father had met a man called Tate at a cricket match were they discussed business about Beppo's adoption. Beppo was well inspected before his adoption,then given away where he got better treatment. On the other hand Roy Penner's mother had taken him along with farm produce to Kingston with the express hope that,on returning, neither produce nor boy would accompany her home and her hope was accomplish when she met misses Jenkins at a market.

Christian Elliott
5/18/2012 09:13:32 am

Beppo and Roy both were adopted in a strange way. Their parents could not afford to take care of them and all their siblings. There was no official papers when they were adopted. The difference between Beppo andRoy is that Roy's adoption was planed whreas Beppo was adopted on short notice. Beppo was also taken in by a kinder person, Mr. Tate and Roy was adopted by a mean lady, Mrs. Jenkinsf

Antonio Munro
5/18/2012 09:25:21 am

In the starting of the book Teppy`s character was kind, funny and friendly and Beppo hoped to be friends with him. Later on in the story you will notice Teppy`s character started to reveal its true identity. He started blackmailing Beppo and then the true character of Teppy is revealed

David Lee Young
5/18/2012 09:30:09 am

I think Teppy was a lovable rascal at first but he turns out to be a very unkind and selfish person. Teppy is a very deceiving person. He is a very dirty person as his home is filthy. Teppy is a very mean and cunning person and he likes to get his own way all of the time. He is not a good friend to have and this is because of his selfishness and I think it is disgusting to eat such wild meat.

Dylan Yuk Low
5/18/2012 10:03:15 am

Teppy's character is one of the prime examples that can be used for the theme of "Appearances Over Reality." Beppo found him to be a lovable rascal in the first leg but now Beppo may think of him maybe as an untrustworthy and corrupt person. Teppy's first impression on Beppo proved to be very deceiving as he eventually begins to blackmail Beppo. Teppy's character is very deceiving and can be considered either forgetful or careless. This can be said because of the poor maintenance of his house and the seeming disregard for his scronny donkey.

Marc Maingot
5/18/2012 10:10:53 am

The main difference between Roy's and Beppo's adoptions was that Roy was adopted to work as a slave while Beppo was adopted to be a son. Also Roy's parents did not want him but Beppo's parents just could not afford to keep him. Also Roy's parents just gave him away while Beppo was looked over by Mr. Tate first.

5/18/2012 10:42:27 am

Teppy is a considerable character because at first glance Beppo thought him to be an out-and-out joker. Teppy is very schemish and is also a fake. He is a mischievous man and will stab you in the back if he gets a small chance, he is very lazy and also he is poor. Teppy is one of the worst friends you could have and can be sly.

Desle Julien
5/18/2012 10:48:40 am

Teppy has different personalties throughout the book. At first he seemed to Beppo to be a lovable rascal. But throughout the book Beppo realises that Teppy is a very sly and untrustworthy person. The blackmail is evident of that. Teppy is also a very untidy man considering the state of his home and the way he eats.

Tahj Barnett
5/18/2012 10:42:23 pm

Beppo's father wa acquainted with the Old Man, Tate, who adopted Beppo. When they met at a cricket match,and the old man expressed his desire to adopt a little boy, Beppo's father agreed to arrange to give Beppo to Mr. Tate because he knew Mr. Tate's fine qualities. Roy's mother went to the market one day with Roy and some produce, both of which she intended to leave behind when she returned home. She sold her produce and gave Roy to Mrs. Jenkins whom she did not know, but who expressed her desire to adopt a boy with Roy's physical characteristics.

5/18/2012 11:18:13 pm

Despite being the old man's friend, he immediately has bad things to say about Beppo. He blackmails Beppo and makes him give him 3 crayfish and 3 birds. From the book, we can see that Teppy is a sly, sneeky and deceitful man. Luckily, Beppo uses his brain and turns the tables around and now, Teppy is being blackmailed by him.

Meashak Moore
5/18/2012 11:24:44 pm

, Meashak Moore-
Teppy's character at the beginning of the story seemed to be nice and loveable old man . Unfortunately later on beppo saw his true character.his ways were now revealed he now be called true swine.Teppy is a mischievous, miserable Goldman

Dejan Ramdath
5/19/2012 12:04:48 am

Teppy first appears as a loving caring person,therefore,Beppo is fooled in this instance.Later on the book,we realize that Teppy is a wicked old man and we realize this because Beppo winds up getting blackmailed by Teppy.Beppo then realizes how mean,deceitful,and unkind that Teppy is but at this moment he cannot do anything to prevent being blackmailed.In conclusion we learn that Teppy has a dirty,unkind and mischievous character

Jabari Garraway
5/19/2012 12:11:21 am

Teppy's character is one of multiple different personalities in the book "Wooing Of Beppo Tate". At first Teppy was nice to Beppo and was even referred to as a 'lovable rascal.' But eventually later in the story Beppo realised what kind of person Teppy was when he began to blackmail him. Teppy is poor,sly,sneaky,lazy and deceitful.

Sule Bereaux
5/19/2012 12:30:43 am

The main difference between Beppo's adoption and Roy's adoption is, their foster parents. Beppo is welcomed into a house by his new father and has a room to himself and his father treats him like a real son. Roy's foster mother uses him for chores and work while Beppo has a caring father. While Beppo was adopted at a cricket match and had an idea of his adoption Roy had no clue that he was going to be adopted. Another major difference, that you might notice by now is their lifestyle.

5/19/2012 03:26:59 am

In the book "The Wooing of Beppo Tate " , the character, Teppy is very complex ,showing that appearances can be deceiving. Teppy is a deceitful man who shows no remorse for blackmailing a young boy and stealing from a friend.At first appearance he seems kind and fun-loving but in reality he turns out to be cruel,greedy and unkind. He has no scruples and will stop at nothing to get what he wants from whoever he wants.He is a bully who tries to take advantage of any situation that can be profitable to him alone or any person that is weaker or younger than he is.

Vinai Balroop
5/19/2012 04:20:10 am

Teppy is a sly character. At first when beppo came he was kind and seemed to be a caring man. But that wasn't true. After a little while Beppo mistakenly sold himself out of liking Daphne to Teppy and Teppy took that chance to blackmail Beppo. So Teppy moved on by kepping Beppo's secrete if Beppo gave him 3 crayfish and 3 birds every week.

Nathan Jaggernauth
5/19/2012 04:56:46 am

Teppys character is a cunning character.The first time he met Beppo he didn't like Beppo.He is a evil man who does not care about anyone but himself.He threaten Beppo to blackmail him.Teppy is a backstabber because he stole Tates cow milk every morning.

Gabriel Nanton
5/19/2012 05:32:54 am

Although both Beppo and Roy was adopted, their adoptions happened under different circumstances.Beppo is welcomed into a house by his new father and has a room to himself and his father treats him like a real son. The difference between Beppo and Roy is that Roy's adoption was planed whreas Beppo was adopted on short notice. While Beppo eats the most wonderful things to eat such as fish ,breadfruit and ackee Roy barely eats anything.

Liam Salandy
5/19/2012 05:42:15 am

Teppy is a unkind,Selfish,Spiteful and Deceitful Character in "The Wooing Of Beppo Tate". At first he seemed like a person that Beppo could trust but sadly Beppo only found out how untrustworthy Teppy was only After Teppy Started to Blackmail him.This is a good example of the saying "Never judge a book by its cover"

Jamal Ali
5/19/2012 07:04:56 pm

Teppy is a deceitful person. At first he turns out to be a lovable rascal but later on he shows he true colours. He stops at nothing to get what he wants when he wants. Teppy's personailty enhances the proverb " don't judge the book by the cover". He blackmails Beppo for crayfish and birds. Lukily Beppo usees his brain to overcome the situation

quincy ayen
5/20/2012 02:15:57 am

I thought that if Teppy was the Old man's friend that he would we generous and kind but i thought wrong.Teppy was lucky that the Old man (mr.Tate) was caring and loving because if he wasn't he wouldn't be getting the sunday breakfasts that he usuall gets.Later in the book Beppo realizes that Teppy is a sly,cunning blackmailer and he knew that he had to keep an eye on Teppy

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